Hey there, Blogosphere, we’re new in town

Hey, get blogging!

We’ve been told time and time again that we’re a little late arriving to the blog party with our wedding photography company. But then again, we’ve always done things a little differently. We needed a little extra oomph before jumping into the deep end!

We know some of you out there might be hopping onto the blog to learn a little bit about us, maybe find some inspiration for planning your own wedding, but truly, we know you’re here for the photos. And we’re okay with that. 😉 It’s why we’re here, too.

We’ll try to use our blog to share our stories, our style, our joys and our insights, but we absolutely promise to share photos. They might be a mix of weddings, travel, landscapes,  animals, and more weddings, but that’s precisely who we are! About that…

Aloha! We’re Meagan and James Brogan and we love to take pictures. Of all kinds of subjects. All over the world. We’re New Mexico wedding photographers based in the Albuquerque area, but we’ve lived in, traveled to and photographed many exotic places around the world. We would primarily describe ourselves as destination wedding photographers because so many of our couples plan their weddings in spectacular destination locations. We are always chasing sunsets and beautiful light, but much of what we do involves making something lovely with what we’re given. That’s part of the challenge and excitement of the art of photography, and why we gravitate toward weddings the way we do. Every wedding day is different, and every wedding plan rarely goes precisely to plan. The wedding day is an evolution, a ride along a timeline that ebbs and flows and is subject to change and littered with the unexpected. That’s what makes them so fun! Both of us are extremely flexible by nature, and we weather the unexpected well. Our style favors bold and bright colors, but we mix in a lot of black and white processing when we feel it’s the best way to present a powerful image. We’re definitely documentary-style wedding photographers with an emphasis on capturing genuine, un-posed moments and interactions on the wedding day. We seek to tell a story, create a feel, capture an essence of a couple and their narrative. We want our clients to feel like we see the real them, and so we strive to build relationships with each person we work with to be the best at capturing them naturally behind the lens.

Weddings are a lifetime adventure, compartmentalized into a single day. We believe there’s magic in that, and it’s our job to find it and capture it to commemorate for the generations to come.

We’re looking for incredible couples who want to see their wedding differently. People who are seeking to create a day that encapsulates their wants, needs, joys, dreams, and personalities. A wedding day can be many things to many people, but for our couples, it’s the best party they’ve ever thrown, surrounded by their favorite friends and family. It’s a day that always goes by too fast. It’s our job to help slow the day down so it can be fully experienced, and when our clients view and share their photos, we want them to remember the way they felt in each moment. Memories of the taste of the cake will fade, the colors of the tableclothes will blur, but it only takes the photograph of a perfect moment to instantly feel the exalted joy of that first kiss, the exhilaration of the grand entrance, the intimacy of the first dance. Glistening tears, the face of a belly laugh, genuine reactions of that first look – these are the moments we live to photograph. Sharing them with our clients means giving them a time-machine, a vehicle to transport them back to a special day, complete with all the feelings and emotions that came with it.

Happy to be sharing our work with all of you. Enjoy!

M & J

Published by Meagan Brogan

I am an ardent seeker of adventure. I am a voracious reader. I've a deep-rooted love for all things travel. I am a nerd. I like to play at a little bit of everything, but mostly photography, writing, and learning. My favorite things are the ocean, libraries, underdogs, stories, animals, and experiences. Also ice cream. And Doctor Who. And Post-It notes. Dancing, herb gardening, the milky way and the rest of the night sky. I've been an innkeeper, a dolphin trainer, a barista, a pretend flight attendant, a property manager and a keynote speaker. It's fair to say I'm either a great juxtaposition or a hot mess. I really like pirates. Sometimes I imagine I am cool by association. I married my best friend in the ruins of a historic pirate fort. He is the cool one. I seek to explore the world and write with a true passion for adventure crafting, and often, adventure surviving.

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